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I'm lazy..

The weather was absolutely brilliant all week. So I was much more in the garden than behind the computer desk. Many people called the local Scottish councils to find out what's the shiny thing on the sky. Well now we all know that this is THE SUN.
Thanks to all the guys who posted some comments here. I am very surprised and happy because of that response. Some of you wrote some interesting details about the albums, somebody informed me about the name of one instrument (great!) and the others just came to say thank you. This is the way I like it. Cheers.

Uusitalo - Vapaa Muurari (2000)
Another project of Finnish Vladislav Delay (Luomo,AGF/Delay etc). This guy is producing so many different records so it's a little miracle that he still keeps the quality. His Uusistalo project is partly minimal techno.. partly some fucking ambient glitch whatever. It's organic, full of sex (seems to me) and it's estranged. Musicians claim that techno is just a beat and few sounds easily created on synths.. and it's a bollocks! I was trying to create some techno like music, but the melody came in and it wasn't techno anymore. And creating your own sounds? You have to spend ages to find something good. It's not easy and this is the reason why I admire the guys like Delay who are producing good IDM. Delay new record WHISTLEBLOWER (out in may 07 and you can download it from Delay's website for nice 6 EU) shows that he went even deeper into glitch, where the only rule is "there is no rules". If Luomo is very listener friendly project, than his collaborations with AGF is sometimes almost unlistenable (performances). It's music you need to find the KEY for.

Ry Cooder - Paris,Texas (1985)
This is an ideal record for people like me.. those who live at night. I am pretty sure that Batman has his copy in Batmobil and is enjoying this melancholy music while he drives through fucking Gotham City. Paris, Texas is a great film.. it's a long time since I saw it, and it's a long time since Wenders directed a good film.

I didn't like Roxy Music until the last month. And I LOVE them now because of Viva! Their studio records were a bit boring for me, but the live versions are so fucking powerful and moving. Some bands should record only live albums. Suddenly "Out of Blue" has the urgency which the original version never approached. Pyjamarama (released only as a single) was never so hype and funky. Now I like almost every RM album. Because there, under the cover of sophisticated producing, is hidden a lot of really great songs. Viva! was recorded in the period of 73-75. The concert band was enhanced by brilliant bassist John Wetton (King Crimson,UK,Asia...) or a keybord,strings by Eddie Jobson (Frank Zappa, King Crimson or Jethro Tull).

Portable is Alan Abrahams (South Africa) project. Very rare mix of tribal rhythm structures and glitch, minimal techno. It sounds like a Aphex Twin jamming with African drummers.

The fundamental record of my childhood. I had a copy on the tape (who knows what it was nowadays?) recorded from some Polish radio broadcast. I was about 8yo and the only place I was listening to that record was my stepfather's car. I still remember the feelings I had when the ??marimbas?? came in "No Self Control". Shivers! I made up a story for myself about Gabriel. On that record is so many references to war or army, so I started to think that Gabriel was a man who went through every fucking war all around the world and now is singing about it, also I was convinced that he is very poor and hunted by police. I just kept the story with me and later, when I went to Germany, I realized that I was right. I found a music managazine on my father's desk. There were pictures of Gabriel posing in empty demolished house, sitting by the table being very very cold. My childish fantasy was satisfied.

This album is sometimes known as Melt. Because of the great cover. I can't stand Gabriel's lyrics and his self-expression. I just loads of shite, but his music is incredible. His ability to write all the songs, put together those musicians (Robert Fripp,Kate Bush,Paul Weller!!,and oh.. Phil fucking Collins) while using the latest recording technology, and Fairlight synth is a proof of being a real visionary. Back in 1980 he was well known ex-member of Genesis, but he went for infuences to punk (not using the cymbals is idea from PIL) or minimal music (Lead a Normal Life). There is Gabriels probably most famous song.. Biko. Pathetic.. but really powerful.
Panasonic (now Pan Sonic, they had to remove "A" because of legal issues) is duo form Finland (again). Their music is real dark shite. For tough guys only. Noises, frequency oscillations and rhythm structures. Not an easy listening. I saw them in tv,, a music video for "Urania". One of the best videos ever. So industrial.
Recently I noticed that I am listening to the soul music.. Marvin Gaye. Bill Withers, Diana Ross or Michael Jackson's Off The Wall. I don't know where it came from, but I am really enjoying it. Marvin's sad story (dead of gf,drugs,bankrupt,being killed by own father) is well known so there is no need to repeat it. It just a real shame that nobody knows that album now.

Grunge was just a word. Just an excuse for not using then very unfashionable words like "metal, hard rock or punkrock". Mad Season were Above all of it. They weren't real band though. Just members of Pearl Jam,Alice in Chains and Screaming Trees recorded one of the most beautiful record. It's sad to listen what Layne was singing.

Wake up young man, it's time to wake up
Your love affair has got to go
For 10 long years, for 10 long years
The leaves to rake up
Slow suicide's no way to go, oh
Blue, clouded grey
You're not a crack up....

And 7 years later he was dead. Fuck.
I think that the is the best of his work. Not so repetitive, more colourful.

King Crimson's the darkest record. Wetton's distorted bass, Bruford seems to use all his 6 arms to play drums and Fripp is playing guitar so aggresively that even their contemporaries like Black Sabbath sound like coffee - table music. King Crimson recorded a lot of great albums. But Red is very different. It evokes the hell or something like that. The atmosphere is so urgent, there is no pressure relief. Providence is a nightmare even for arty wankers.. There is some mellotron in Starless, but again.. the song ends in metallic fury! King Crimson were trying to reinvent RED sound on 1995 comeback album Thrak and they were surprisingly successful however Thrak is more refined. Red has the real dirt.
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this is the password so dont you fucking dare to ask!!!

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as usual great selections thanks ...but isnt it"for2headlesschicken"? people tend to ask for this password because its often buried in the post a comment print

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So what is the pw?

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SS is the thing!

and thank you very much

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to jwillaum: Oh shit you are right THE PASSWORD IS>


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Anonymous fzl said...

argh i need uusitalo's vaapa muuarari! gosh, i just realised how much i miss listening to dutch wallpaper - truly one of the best techno-dub tracks ever made, sounding fresh as ever...

any chance of re-ups? cheers..

Monday, April 23, 2007 5:47:00 AM  

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