Saturday, September 30, 2006

MASSIVE ATTACK at Wireless Festival London

Three songs performed live by MASSIVE ATTACK at Wireless Festival London.

Future Proof
Safe From Harm (8min. version)

Total 20minutes length
534 MB size
DVD Quality

part 1
part 2
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The Cure - Faith (1981)

The Cure - Faith

The front cover of the album features a picture of Bolton Abbey in the fog, where Robert Smith married his childhood sweetheart Mary. The album is basically about lead singer Robert Smit´s lack of faith and his desire to find it. Sound is foggy, fluently floating like the sweetest ambient. It´s a most peaceful Smith´s record. It´s a calm before the storm.

Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children (1998)

Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children
Boards of Canada is a Scottish electronic music duo comprised of brothers Michael Sandison (b. 10 June 1969) and Marcus Eoin Sandison (b. 21 Sep 1970). They have released a number of works, most notably Music Has the Right to Children and Geogaddi, with little advertising and few interviews. Their sound has frequently made reference to sounds of the 1970s and the 1980s. It recalls, amongst other things, the warm, scratchy, artificial sounds of 1970s television, and indeed, band members Michael and Marcus admit to being inspired by the documentary films of the National Film Board of Canada, from which the group's name comes. The duo have recorded a few minor works as Hell Interface.

Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline (1969)

Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline

I like this album because it´s different than other Dylan´s records. Johnny Cash appeared on it and there is also Dylan´s best song.. uhmm.. Lay Lady Lay.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5.55 (2006)

Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5.55

It´s like another AIR´s album with female vocalist. It´s actually more "AIR-ish" than Air´s own Jean-Benoît Dunckel new album "Darkel". The reviews are terrible. Most of them say that the album is "trendy"? WTF? What does it mean? As far as i know that arse Bluntie is trendy.

That album is beautiful. Produced by Nigel Godrich(radiohead), lyrics provided by Jarvis Cocker. He is unbealiveble. So fucking clever. Strings arrangements were written by Beck´s father David Cambell. Beautiful atmosphere guaranteed.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vincent Gallo - When (2001)

Vincent Gallo - When

It´s sad sad sad.

Fight - War of Words (1993)

Fight - War of Word

When lead singer and heavy metal legend Rob Halford left Judas Priest in the early '90s (following two decades of service in the veteran band), he quickly rebounded with a ferocious new metal band called Fight, which he co-founded with Priest drummer Scott Travis. Fleshing out the group's lineup with guitarists Russ Parrish and Brian Tilse and bassist Jay Jay, Halford took Fight into the studio and recorded War of Words in 1993. Taking a deliberate step away from the old-school tendencies and cartoon metal lyrics of his former band, Halford based the Fight's sound on the more sleek, thrash-oriented approach of newer metal outfits like Pantera and matched the intense sound with decidedly more topical and socially relevant lyrics. Although it didn't make much of a splash in the mainstream world, War of Words proved to be a hit among Halford's fans, and Fight embarked on a successful tour in 1993 and 1994.

Isobel Cambell&Mark Lanegan - Ballad of The Broken Seas (2006)

Isobel Cambell&Mark Lanegan - Ballad of The Broken Seas

HE is one of the most genuine vocalist ever, i love songs he sang with his trees, qotsa and his solo works.

SHE ruined Stuart Murdoch´s life which I appreciate. What a beautiful album for suicidal chicken.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Monday, September 25, 2006

MADELEINE PEYROUX - Half the Perfect World (2006)

MADELEINE PEYROUX - Half the Perfect World

Music for chicken/alcoholics.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Beck - The Information (2006) for islandic Witherwings

Beck - The Information

OK. I prefer Sea Change and Mellow Gold.. But this one isn´t bad either.

Frank Zappa - Apostrophe (1974)

Frank Zappa - Apostrophe

That´s "strictly commercial" Zappa album. Continuing from the commercial breakthrough of Over-Nite Sensation (1973), this album is a similar mix of short songs showcasing Zappa's humor and musical arrangements. The record's lyrical themes are often bizarre or obscure, with the exception of "Uncle Remus" which is an extension of Zappa's feelings on racial disharmony featured on his earlier song "Trouble Every Day".
The first half of the album loosely follows a continuing theme. "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" tells of a dream the singer had where he saw himself as an eskimo named Nanook. A fur trapper comes up from behind Nanook's igloo and begins to assault a baby seal. Nanook responds by rubbing yellow snow (or rather, snow which had been urinated on by huskies) in his eyes, blinding him. The fur trapper remembers an ancient eskimo legend and travels to "the parish of St. Alphonzo". At this point the album takes an unexpected turn and instead tells of rambunctious antics ("wheedled on the bingo cards in lieu of the latrine") and follows with a scenario in which a leprechaun "stroked it".
As the album reaches "Cosmik Debris", there are several references to earlier albums and songs. The "dust of the Grand Wazoo" is mentioned, as well as "the toads of the short forest" (featured previously on 1970's Weasels Ripped My Flesh and on Over-Nite Sensation, specifically "Camarillo Brillo"). The title track is an instrumental featuring Cream bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Jim Gordon.

The Books - Music for a French Elevator (2006)

The Books - Music for a French Elevator

The Books are my favourite fucked-up duo. I really did enjoy The Lemon of Pink (2003).
Their music is a mix of aleatoric music, electronica, folk, acoustic music (Paul de Jong is a cellist and Nick Zammuto plays acoustic guitar and electric bass), using lots of samples of sounds, speech and music.

Bodysong O.S.T by Jonny Greenwood (2003)

Bodysong O.S.T by Jonny Greenwood

Greenwood´s (Radiohead) Bodysong is a nervous chaotic mess. Absolutely not an easy listening. Although it´s a instrumental album, you can enjoy there plenty of "fatal" tunes which could be part of any radiohead album.

Happy Mondays - Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches (1990)

Happy Mondays - Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches

A swirling, neo-psychedelic kaleidoscope of hallucinogenic drugs, trippy beats, borrowed hooks, and veiled threats, Pills 'n' Thrills & Bellyaches is Happy Mondays' masterpiece and the peak of the entire Madchester craze. Where the Stone Roses were pop classicists, Happy Mondays pushed pop into the ecstasy age. The Mondays' cut-and-paste rhythms and melodies are clearly influenced by hip-hop and electronic dance music, and their songs have the same sort of twisted internal logic, subverting conventional pop song structures while reinterpreting oldies, occasionally stealing entire songs and claiming them as their own (John Kongos' "He's Gonna Step On You Again" is transformed into "Step On," LaBelle's "Lady Marmalade" provides the basis for "Kinky Afro"). Most of the musical collage is the creation of producers Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne, but the vision of Pills 'n' Thrills & Bellyaches belongs to Shaun Ryder, who reveals himself as a surreally gifted lyricist. Lifting melodies at will, Ryder paints a bizarre vision of modern urban life, fueled by sex, drugs, violence, and dead-end jobs -- and instead of lamenting the state of affairs, he celebrates them in his hoarse, arrhythmic, tuneless holler. His thuggishly surreal sense of humor and appropriation of hooks became enormously influential on British rock & roll in the '90s, particularly on Oasis' sense of style.
~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Broken Flowers O.S.T

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Róisín Murphy - Ruby Blue (2005)

Róisín Murphy - Ruby Blue

I think that Moloko were boring, polished a cold. But i liked Róisín´s voice. Her "Ruby Blue" is ecstatic moving.... something lifeblooded by the producer Matthew Herbert (Bjork-Vespertine).

Taxi Driver O.S.T by Bernard Herrmann (1976)

Taxi Driver O.S.T by Bernard Herrmann
If you are an insomniac psycho and your interest are murders and porn, i´ve got some nice tunes for your lonely nights.

Walker Brothers - Nite Flight (1977)

Walker Brothers - Nite Flight
They were huge pop stars in ´60s. This is their last album which could be in the same category with Bowie´s Lodger or Byrne&Eno´s My Life in The Bush of Ghosts. One of the weirdest record ever, but still enjoyable.

Ulrich Schnauss

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sebastian Tellier - Politics (2004)

Sebastian Tellier - Politics 04
That french guy is incredibly funny. Some stuff sounds like japanese pop, the other like 80´s pop or Air, but there is a lot of good tunes, humour and sadness.

ZZ Top -The Best of ZZ Top (1977)

ZZ Top -The Best of ZZ Top
This album captured the best bits from their early five albums recorded for London Records. Forget about "Gimme All Your Lovin" shit, this is pre-MTV stuff!!!! No fuckin synths no shit - pure blues and boogie. It´s roaring out of the speakers. Haw haw haw haw. Play it loud!!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Skye Edwards - Mind How You Go

Bonobo - Days to Come