Tuesday, March 20, 2007

..3500 miles and all this solitude...

Last 2 weeks I kept my guardian angel busy. I managed to cross the Europe without having an accident. 5500 kilometers on the roads took a lot of time, time for music!! I started with Cat Power/Joan as Police Woman as usual. Than AIR, Amy Winehouse (I hate her now), Bat for the Lashes (love it)and Crosby, Still and Nash through Scotland. ZZ Top all way down to Dover. Some Night Tales compilations in Belgium/Holland. I felt I was dead in Germany - silence. Jeff Buckley was looking after me to the Czech Republic. And then Kansas, Cinematic Orchestra, 2 Raumwohnung, Yes, Aimee Mann and Johnny Cash became my partners in vaga/bondage.

On my way back to UK.. I was yelling together with Alice in Chains :). Broken Flowers OST is an essential record for drivers!! I was knackered on M1 while passing Leeds so I listened to Suede and The Good,Bad and The Queen only to keep myself awake. It was hard. Really.

2raumwohnung - kommt zusammen (2001)
Brilliant duo aus Berlin. Who says that german language is not "musical"?

Cinematic Orchestra - Motion (1999)

Cinematic Orchestra - Man with the Movie Camera (2003)

Cinematic Orchestra - Everyday (2002)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I am away for holidays.. 2 weeks..