Tuesday, January 30, 2007

are you lonesome tonight? be my wifey...

David Bowie - Low (1977)

David Bowie is 60 in few days. I love his work so I am going to post his albums one by one. Low is my favourite, so I started with it.

Sometimes you get so lonely
Sometimes you get nowhere
I've lived all over the world
I've lived every place

Please be mine
Share my life
Stay with me
Be my wife

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Girl ya gotta love your man Take him by the hand Make him understand The world on you depends Our life will never end

Jimmy Chamberlin Complex - Life Begins Again (2004)
I was (and I am, as they are recording new album) big Smashing Pumpkins fan. I love every bloody song they ever released. So I was quite dissapointed with ZWAN album, it wasn't bad, but I expected more. Jimmy Chamberlin's drumming was always strong ingredient in Smashing Pumpkins chemistry. His wild but very elaborate style is definitely part of Pumpkins sound. I saw them play live in 1996 and it was the best concert I have ever seen. Joyride. But in the end of Pumpkins last tour they were different band. They played songs in very violent way. It sounded like storm. They played their songs so fast that they weren't even able to manage play all notes properly. So when I noticed that Jimmy started new band, I was really curious. Didn't know what to expect. One problem with drummer's solo albums is that there is too much drumming :).. and fucking drum solos. And yes... there is a lot of drumming on the record, but it doesn't play the lead role. I had two new albums that day > Jimmy's Complex and Jaga Jazzist's What We Must. The first I took was Jaga Jazzist and I enjoyed it very much. Especially the first song "All I Know Is Tonight" is amazing. Than I started to play Jimmy's album and the similarity with Jaga Jazzist was surprising!! I mean if he (and the band) would put some wind section lines into "Streetclawler".. he would get a proper Jaga Jazzist song! Jimmy's drumming is absolutely virtuoso, but whole album is loaded with strong musical themes, brilliant ideas. They are changing styles, moods so the album is keeping the listener focused. Of course Billy Corgan must be there, the song "Lokikat" is a small reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins bittersweet ballads.

Kyuss - ...And the Circus Leaves Town (1995)
I don't know what so special about Kyuss. They sounded like Black Sabbath without Mr.Parkinson. But Sabbath (Tony rocks!!) was hard rock band, but how can you categorize Kyuss? I know about stoner rock.. but fuck it. They were special, because they played hard songs, but also they were pretty melancholic in weird way. Hard music doesn't get altogether with sadness too often. And they recorded whole album like that!! (now it's Queens of The Stone Age job) John Garcia brings that strange "paranoia ghost riders" feeling as Alan Vega did with Suicide. His lyrics are fucking great!! Metallica infamously tried to rip off Kyuss style on St.Anger and failed. No one of them is fucking JOSH HOMME!!
I feel nothin', said I don't feel nothin' And I won't feel nothing at all I found somethin', said I really found somethin' And I won't take nothin' at all Get me up, get me up, now I've suffered My life has blown me away I can't breathe, said I can't breathe nothin' And I won't fuckin' breathe at all I feel nothin', said I don't feel nothin' And I won't feel nothing at all Found somethin', said I really found somethin' And I won't take nothin' at all Get me up, get me up, I've suffered My life has done me away Can't breathe, said I can't breathe nothin' And I can't fuckin' breathe at all

Rapid mirror Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool is kind of psychological thriller directed by François Ozon. The film is pretty good because Charlotte Rampling plays in it, but Rombi's score is a work of pure genius! He orchestrated my blood circulation with tenderness a crystal pureness of his music. I saw that film many times for two reasons >

1/Charlotte Rampling's beaver - really nice animal

2/Rombi's music - (anybody surprised?) the soundtrack was very hard to get, so few months ago one nice blogger re-posted it for me. Thanks again.

Gato Barbieri - Last Tango in Paris (1972)
I finished Marlon Brando's biography a week before I went to see Last Tango. He is using his own memories for his character Paul. I think there is nothing what I can say about that film. People say it's shocking and whatever.. no it's not.. it's beutiful and Vittorio Storaro is like a painter!! You just have to see it.

Rapidshare mirror ESSM
Joel: It would be different if we could just give it another go-around.

Clementine: Remember me. Try your best. Maybe, we can.

Pink Floyd - The Final Cut (1983)
The most hated P.F. album is my favourite one. The Final Cut might be taken as Roger Waters first solo album. His masterpiece. He never expressed his pain and fears that brilliantly again. It's well known fact that David Gilmour hates this album, but I think that he puts here his best guitar solos he ever did. With Michael Kamen conducting the National Philharmonic Orchestra, the album is a little magalomaniac monster. But I don't have any other album which contains so big orchestrations and in the same time it's so intimate.

Dntel - Life Is Full of Possibilities (2001)
After Life is.. was released I though that electronic music, so strong in the nineties, is finally going somewhere, Dntel came with something new. Real songs, glitches, ambient music.. some nice "errors". But I was wrong. Now Life is Full of Possibilities became a classic, however no one follows them.


You can turn the city upside down if you want to but it won't keep you dry.

You can turn the city upside down, like an umbrella but it won't keep you dry.
When you wrap yourself in a highway strip, don't expect any warmth from it.

All it is is cold cement.
You can turn the city upside down, like an umbrella but who knows what you'll find.

Be careful if you try.
You can turn the city upside down if you want to but it won't keep you dry.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i like the innocent type... deer in the headlight

Cat Power - What Would The Community Think (1996)
10 years before she did The Greatest. She was closer to P.J.Harvey and Velvet Underground. It's one of the records made by person who is so fucked up that is almost impossible to go through the songs, lyrics without absorb its pessimism. But maybe this is what she wanted. Nowadays, when she is so famous, everybody knows her story.. about being poor, alcoholic and suicidal, so that strange feeling which is on every Chan's record is more or less inspired by her own life.. sad. Her changeover into soul/blues sober/bar queen is fascinating. It's good too see her being in such a good state.

I hated Pixies for years. It was hard for me to listen Frank Black's voice. But then I've heard "Where is My Mind" and endless enduring love with Pixies started. I like every Pixies album, but At the BBC is so special. It's so joyful! Their songs are much wilder and powerful.
Kim Deal's voice in "There Goes My Gun" is so velvet. Think David Bowie is right when he is saying that Pixies are the best rock group ever. I don't know what's so special about them. They are just fucking great. Listen to Ana, what a simple melody, but so poweful! Hope I will have a chance to see them play live as they are touring again.

After I read John Lydon's (Rotten) biography No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs I became such a fan of him. I always liked PIL, but the book really started my interest in his person.I've got an affection for strong characters and he is definitely of them. Now after 30 years since Nevermind.. was released there is no doubt that Pistols were the most important band in British music ever. There is no other band which was so influental after them. They changed the whole situation in music industry. They brought lot of new stuff into the music. Now is evident the Pistols were mostly about John Rotten. His lyrics, attitude and genuine originality has no comparison in British music. He is a real artist even he probably hates this word.

Oval are the pioneers of glitch music. In 1997 I was in my dad's sitting room in Germany, watching some German music channel and while there was clip for Do While running. My father came to the sitting room, he saw me watching a listening to it with my mouth open. He sat down and started to listen with me. But after while he said:"What the fuck is this? That's not a music. It's just a bloody loop running again and again".Have to admit that Oval is hard to swallow music. They were using black markers to write on cd's to create loops sounds and noises deliberately.

Ennio is a genius of our age. I have almost 50 albums with his film scores and I can't still get enough. It's unbelievable how many scores he did. And every one of them is a little jewel. He is able to write in almost every style, so his work is pretty colorful. He is author of some of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard. I am just an admirer. I chose two soundtracks from late 60' which are good illustration of his work with rock and pop influences into his own unmistakable way of composition. I love the way he is creating "the chaos". Think he is working with dischords more than any other score composer. His work was always a big inspiration for my own music.

Two Gallants are my discovery of 2006. Just two guys, one guitar, voice and drums. No White Stripes copy! It's hard to define their music, but in general they are alternative folk/country/rock band. Singer Tyson Vogel is one of "the lanegans" ripped-throat vocalists, emery paper in music.

When I started to watch Donnie Darko I expected some digital effects orgies with smart story, but crippled ending.. as usual these days. So it was really big surprise how good this film was!! Really really clever!!! I think that Donnie Darko is more like a music video. The picture is almost whole time led by music. Take the scene with Tear for Fears - Head Over Heels, it's so great, but turn the music off and watch the fim only. The magic is gone. From now the songs "Head Over Heels, Killing Moon or Love Will Tear Us Apart" will be associated with Donnie Darko for me.

Merrill Nisker (born 1968) aka Peaches is really crazy fuck.. her electro/clash music is catchy, although it's the lyrics and her voice what's in first line. Like this from her "biggest hit" Fuck the Pain Away:

Sucking on my titties like you wanted me
Calling me, all the time like Blondie
Check out my chrissy behind
It's fine all of the time
Like sex on the beaches
What else is in the teaches of peaches? Huh? What?

Is absolutely up to you to decide if it is just a silly joke or a just another view from woman who is mature.Impeach My Bush is more commercial and Josh Homme play some guitars on it.
Funny fact is that she shared house with folkie Feist. What they were doing wasn't reported.
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

I am back.. not so healthy, but alive.

Camille - Le Fil (2006)
Camille sounds like more conventional french version of Bjork. God bless her for not copying Bjork's melodies, that's Joanna Newsom's job. She comes with own creativity and builds the layers of her voices with minimal support of other acoustic or electric instruments. She is also using her voice as a "drone" - note sustained throughout the entire album. How annoying, bitch!

Husker Du - New Day Rising (1985)
The Buzzcocks are usually called "the Beatles of the punk".. bollocks.. it's Husker Du. Every single song of this album is such a hit for me! Post-punk music is rarely so melodic.. under all these distorted guitar and boozy voices is hidden real masterpiece of songwritting. Husker Du are known these days only because the other famous bands are often cited them as a big influence. You can hear Radiohead (pablo honey times) in "New Day Rising", Greenhornes in "Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill" or even Foo Fighters in "I Apologize".
Perhaps Hüsker Dü's most lasting legacy was in bridging the gap between hardcore and alternative rock. Also, many people credit Zen Arcade to be the first form of emo, even before Embrace and Rites of Spring. Many later musicians cite Hüsker Dü as an influence on their own work.
Green Day, Lifetime, Gravenhurst, Deacon Blue, Therapy? and 59 Times The Pain are among those who have recorded versions of Hüsker Dü songs. The Replacements, Foo Fighters, Buffalo Tom, Sebadoh, Trip Shakespeare, The Posies, Sonic Youth, Jason Anderson, The Wildhearts, and The Dead Milkmen have made reference to the band and its members in their own songs. The Pixies and Nirvana have also called Hüsker Dü a major influence. (In fact, the newspaper advertisement placed by Black Francis of the Pixies, which was answered by Kim Deal, described the band he wished to form as a Husker Du/Peter, Paul, and Mary-type band.)
VH1 has said that Hüsker Dü are one of the 2 most important American post-punk bands (along with R.E.M.).
Dennis Cooper's novel Try contains many references to, and lines from, New Day Rising.
fIREHOSE's 1987 album "If'n" features a photo of bassist Mike Watt's apartment wall, on which an enlarged photograph of Hüsker Dü can be clearly seen. The Hüskers are credited on the back cover as "cover models".
The inside cover of the Minutemen's seminal double album Double Nickels On The Dime says "Take That Hüskers!" in the lower right corner. This was placed there to tease the Huskers, who were about to release their own double album, Zen Arcade, around the same time.
The group's career is chronicled in the book Our Band Could Be Your Life, a study of several important American underground rock groups.

Gotan Project - La Revancha Del Tango (2001)
I saw an advert on telly, there was TV presenter Melanie Sykes walking on the street in some sexy dress. She is hot but it was the music what brought my attention.. nice "triphop" beat and apocalyptical melody played on ?accordion?. That time the only album from Gotan (tango) Project I knew was last year's Lunatico. Later I found out that the song from the advert was Epoca from their first album. French/Argentinian Gotan Project are now huge hit with Lunatico,surprisingly their debut is better.

Smoke City - Flying Away (1997)
I love "cinematic" albums. The music you can listen to and create own films in your head. Smoke City are very cinematic.. and they knew it. It's very hard to categorize their music, there is too many infuences like bossa-nova a samba, soundtrack music and electronica. They were very sophisticated and almost "liquid", because their music sounds so natural. The singer Nina Miranda is part English/Brazilian so she was singing in English,French and Brazilian Portuguese.. velvet voice. They had big hit.. Underwater Love, massive hip hop beat, latino guitars and dub! was thrilling combination. I love the fact that every song on the album is different.. like wild mood swings, I prefer their melancholic side.. Jamie Pan, Gulietta and "ultimate love song" With You are little diamonds.

Midaircondo - Shopping for Images (2005)
Lisa Nordström: flutes, voice, computer etc.
Lisen Rylander: saxophones, voice, computer etc.
Malin Dahlstrom: voice, computer etc.
This Swedish trio is really special. I love musical surprises, and they were huge suprise for me. Must say.. they entered the mens world somehow. I can't help myself, but I perceive a strong male element while I am am listening to their album. Maybe they are Milli Vanilli of this decade and the music is played by someone else. That's it. I am clever

As a teenager I hated New Romantics and that whole weird culture of the Eighties. Duran Duran still makes me sick. However there was a lot of interesting bands, must admit now. This album is dark and despite it's 25 years old (oh shit!!) still sounds relatively fresh. And Barry Adamson plays bass on it. And Midge Ure plays guitar on it. And that's all folks.

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